User-driven, Decentralized Environment Building trust in the Metaverse

Your One-Stop Decentralized Platform on the Avalanche Network

DexDaddy is an open, trustless, and non-custodial decentralized platform that aims to empower its users worldwide by allowing them to be in control of their crypto assets as well as trades.

DexDaddy aims to bridge the gap between Defi and mass adoption by offering low fees, an interactive user interface, a revenue-sharing staking mechanism, and comprehensive documentation.

DexDaddy as a Trading Platform

DexDaddy is a DeFi protocol that empowers liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

It is a non-custodial decentralized crypto exchange that supports order book-based spot trading in cryptocurrencies. It is an open, trustless, and non-custodial platform that aims to empower the traders worldwide by allowing them to be in control of their crypto assets as well as trades

DexDaddy as a Generative NFT

DexDaddy Generative NFT set consists of 'n' unique, programmatically generated graphics assembled from hundreds of different graphics files via an algorithm to create a hierarchy of graphics ranging from 'common' combinations to 'rare' ones.

In the NFT world, rare or unusual combinations are sought after as the more prized possession of a given collection.

DexDaddy as an NFT Marketplace

NFTs are the key to the Metaverse - the digital form of your physical world.

DexDaddy ecosystem will have an NFT Marketplace, enabling direct buying/selling of NFT's through the Auction. Users can also create their Individual NFT's collection and even trade the Generative NFT created by the ecosystem. This ecosystem will create utility for the circulation and trading of Application Native Token (DADDY Token).

DexDaddy as a Launchpad

DexDaddy Launchpad is a truly decentralized, multi cross-chained, and fully interoperable environment based on a multi-blockchain architecture with the most powerful and appropriate distribution algorithms.

The first-ever Launchpad platform to have a robust mix of decentralized fundraising and optimized price discovery and fair settlement in distribution.

It enables high-quality crypto projects to raise liquidity from investors worldwide fairly and securely.

DexDaddy as Staking and Yield Platform

Our yield farming involves lending cryptocurrencies via the Avalanche network. When loans are made via banks using fiat money, the amount lent out is paid back with interest.

The concept is the same with yield farming, but the only difference is the crypto being used in the process. A cryptocurrency that would otherwise be sitting in an exchange or in a wallet is lent out via DeFi protocols (or locked into smart contracts, in Avalanche terms) in order to get a return.

DexDaddy Metaverse and NFT Games

DexDaddy Metaverse is being conceptualised as an immersive virtual world that incorporates the native Daddy blockchain and the DADDY Token.

Our foray into the Metaverse will enable us to provide entertainment-based earning through the development of NFT games on the 'Play to Earn' model – creating an entire world for the DeFi centered community members. This will also encourage the creation of a DAO for complete autonomy and transparency within the community.