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Your one-stop decentralized platform on Avalanche

User-driven, Decentralized Environment Building trust in the Metaverse

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DexDaddy is a DeFi protocol that empowers liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Community Driven & Self-Sustaining

DexDaddy is a community-driven project, Our community has built and maintained the best, cheapest and most diverse Ecosystem on the market.

DexDaddy is largely self-sustaining, farms can run forever, without the team's involvement.

Our community compounds rewards, suggests new strategies, proposes key configuration updates and contributes to development.


Fast Growing Ecosystem In The Market

Dexdaddy provides access to early investment opportunities across emerging crypto sectors through decentralized funds and a network of experts.

UI Intuitive

Dexdaddy’s intuitive UI allow every level of users to invest in DeFi and maximize their earnings by taking advantage of Avalanche’s infrastructure with very low gas costs.

Lightning Fast Transaction

Dexdaddy can offer lightning-fast finalization, low gas fees, and a 100% decentralized platform.

Passive Income

Dexdaddy is an easy way for investors to earn passive income through its yield farms.

Dex Security

The ability to swap many different cryptocurrencies while maintaining custody of your coins is an improvement in safety when compared to using centralized exchanges.

Best Utility Token

DADDY is the native utility token of the Dexdaddy ecosystem that is used for: Liquidity mining, Staking, Future governance in the Dexdaddy DAO.

Secure & Audited

The project contracts are secure, audited, and rug-pull resistant. The first audit for Dexdaddy was conducted by CertiK.

DeFi Exchange on Avalanche

DexDaddy is a fully decentralized exchange built on the Avalanche network. It offers fast execution times and low transaction fees for token swaps, fee collection and reward tokens for liquidity providers and staking rewards for DADDY token holders.

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Join the community and ask the community experts to get into the Dexdaddy ecosystem and learn how to earn.

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Dexdaddy - Your one-stop decentralized platform on Avalanche

Seed Round

Closure of SEED Round and Partial Release of Fund for Operations

The DexDaddy Sale Event, which kick-started with the SEED Round, has now entered the second phase — Private Sale. The SEED Round was conceptualized to be a low-key affair while allowing the average person to participate in the initial sale...

Dexdaddy - Your one-stop decentralized platform on Avalanche

AirDrop Program

The DexDaddy AirDrop Program

The launch of the DexDaddy platform and initiation of the SEED Round became a tipping point for us to come up with a community-friendly Airdrop wherein any person undertaking a few prescribed tasks or joining our social media channels ...

Dexdaddy - Your one-stop decentralized platform on Avalanche


Why is DexDaddy Making a foray into Metaverse?

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would now be known as Meta, the term “metaverse” became one of the most searched keywords on Google back then...

Audited by Certik
A trusted Auditor

Dexdaddy smart contract audit provides independent assurance of the validity, security, and authenticity of the project. Learn what experts say.

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